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Are you struggling to be seen?
I know how you feel! I have been there, swimming against the tide every single day trying to reach and connect with the people who will value who you are and what you can do for them. Never has there been a better time to be a small business or launch that side hustle. We have so many free resources at our fingertips but more often than not we fall short of how to use them to our best advantage.

That is where The Visibility Collective can help you.

I have created this as I want to give 150 small businesses the tools and confidence to increase their visibility and change the direction of their business from surviving to thriving. This space is for those of you who believe you were made for more.


I have spent months putting together a foundation stock image gallery of over 200 images in my rich and emotive style.

Why did I do this? Well after working with nearly 70 businesses over the past 14 months I realised that so many people struggle with finding beautiful and professional imagery that goes beyond their personal brand. So I have created a gallery with a range of images to include nature, landscape, flatlays, lifetsyle, travel and city elements.

And by joining the collective you will have unlimited access to this stock gallery to use the photos in your social media, website & blogs.

But it gets better…

Each month I will be creating 40-60 new images for you so this gallery is just going to grow and grow and become an incredible resource for you and your business.

Not only that you will have the opportunity to influence what I create, hence the name Collective! In your member space is the suggestion box where you can email me directly to tell me what you need for images and I will use your ideas for the new content. Plus a part of your monthly investment will go towards the cost of new image creation so I can bring you quality content month in month out.

Oh yeh almost forgot… All members of the collective will get 20% off of all my brand photo shoot packages!

The visibility collective


Now it’s all very well giving you a ton of images if you don’t how to use them. That’s why I have bought the education element to this membership.

I want to give you more than just photos, I want to give you the tools to go out there and take the correct action for your business. This why this element of the collective is so important to me.

In your member space you will find two resources, the ideal client workbook which will act as your content compass, making sure what action you take everyday is really taking you in the right direction. And then your weekly content planner so know what you are doing each and everyday to connect you with your audience and clients.

You will also find all the key dates and awareness days for the month ahead so you really stay on top of your talking points.

Each and every month I will be bringing you monthly speakers. Inspiring people who know their shit who will help you in their area of expertise and I already have the first few months lined up with the following amazing people….



Jen feroze copywriting queen at jackdaw editorial will be helping you with blogging in may

Rosie Holman owner of join the circle dance and lead singer of decatur street jazz will helping you to inject more of your story into your marketing and build connection in june

lex fleming wedding photographer at fleming photo and owner of the breakfast club will be talking about all things networking in july

On top of all that awesome you will also get me every week in the Facebook Group bringing you helpful tips and prompts that will help you build an engaged audience who will get to know, like and trust you through the content you put out into the world.


Now everyone needs a community. There has been nothing more valuable to me than my group of inspiring business friends. They are the support we all so desperately need when doing this thing called ‘business’ and this will be the backbone of The Visibility Collective.

This will be where you can come when things are rubbish and you need support, it’s where we can help one another and also cheer each other on when we share those wins no matter how big or small that deserve to be celebrated with people who know how damn hard you have to work for them.

We are all out there on there in wilderness, the small percentage of people who don’t accept mediocrity and know they were made for more. We all know how lonely that is, how utterly terrifying it can be. We also know how amazing it is to connect with others who face our struggles, it eases imposter syndrome, lifts us up and builds confidence.

So of course The Visibility Collective needs a community and I can’t wait to see you there.

about ami

Photo by the brilliant Lex Fleming

Photo by the brilliant Lex Fleming

Hello I am Ami! The founder of The Woman & The Wolf which launched in late 2017 and has since created brand imagery for nearly 70 businesses.

I fucking love what I do (and yes the swear word needs to be there) I am so passionate about giving people the confidence and tools to be seen. Having a small business is the world’s biggest learning curve and it’s my calling is to help people through it.

Other things I love are my horses, my dog, the great outdoors and the city. I love reading and have a never-ending thirst for knowledge. I am a natural creative with a vivid imagination but also the downside of anxiety which I know so many of us suffer with.

I have created The visibility Collective because I know how much this will help you.
For just £30.00 a month you will have unlimited access to all of the above mentioned awesomeness :)

If you want to email me any questions about it before joining just fill in the form!

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The images within the galleries are for the use of members of The Visibility Collective only and copyright remains with Ami Robertson of The Woman & The Wolf.
The images are for members to use on their social medias and websites to include blogs.
Anyone found to be giving images or gallery links/codes to anyone outside of the collective will be in breach of copyright and will be immediately removed from the collective.
Legal action may also be taken.

You can unsubscribe at anytime by clicking on the my account button, please be aware that I will change the gallery links and passwords when someone does decide to leave so access to new images will no longer be available but you can still use the images you previously downloaded.

The suggestion box is exactly that a suggestion box :) it doesn’t guarantee that those specific images will be created but I will do my best to accommodate all suggestions and it’s the part I am the most excited about as I can’t come up with all the ideas on my own, that’s why I created a collective.

The monthly speakers will be live on the Facebook page so please make sure you join that to make the most of that feature.