Personal branding photographer for women in London.
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Personal branding & Portraiture for badass women who have big dreams. 


I see you. Your just like me. A woman who has maybe always felt a little like an outsider. A woman who always wanted more and better for herself. A woman with resilience and grit. A woman who was brave enough to step forward and say 'I don't want this, I want that, I deserve that' 

Whether you have started one heck of a new business venture or you have achieved something big or small there is no better way to show the world who you are  than fucking awesome imagery. 

My intention for you as a photographer is to help you show up simply as yourself. Because there is no one who does you better than you. 

NO cheesy posing

NO Bullshit

That's a promise.

personal brand photo shoot london


Where to start. I will try to keep this short. 

My name is Ami and I am a photographer, adventurer, fiance, horse owner, dog owner, business owner, stepmum, blogger, nature lover, Londoner..... There are lots of things that make up me and who I am. And I find that is common place with so many incredible women out there. And more often than not we have to be all at the same time. 

I started The Woman & The Wolf because over the past year I have seen so many incredible women rise up and go after what they want despite the fear of the what if. I want to help celebrate that. For me I can't think of anything better than photographing brave, beautiful and determined women going after their goals.

This started off as an idea of offering personal brand photography for women in business HOWEVER I want this to be more fluid than that. I don't want to label and therefore shut out the possible opportunities of working with amazing women who maybe don't have their own business. 

Why The Woman & The Wolf? Because as women we have a Wolf in all of us. The wolf represents a high intelligence, loyalty, a deep desire for freedom, they have the ability to work in a community or independently and they have a strong connection with their instincts. These are qualities I have witnessed in amazing women who are out there everyday creating the life they want while helping build a community and a movement. 

This couldn't not be called The Woman & The Wolf. 

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