this is brand photography for women who dream big.

Tayjal Mistry owner of Mani's Creative and The Happy Studio .


This is portraiture for women who want images that not only show off what they do but who they are. 

My name is Ami and I am the passionate photographer behind The Woman & The Wolf who wants to help women in business become confident about being visible.

What you do is important which is why you need to be showing up for the people who need your help and that can all start with beautiful & authentic brand photography.

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why the woman & the wolf? 

Because as women we have a Wolf in all of us. The wolf represents a high intelligence, loyalty, a deep desire for freedom, they have the ability to work in a community or independently and they have a strong connection with their instincts. These are qualities I have witnessed in amazing women who are out there everyday creating the life they want while helping build a community and a movement. 

This couldn't be anything but The Woman & The Wolf. 

Andri Benson owner of Always Andri Wedding Design.
Jo Bryant owner of Jo Bryant Etiquette and Weddings.

what is brand photography

A brand photo shoot is basically what it says on the tin. As a small business you are your brand. You have built your soulful and beautiful business through who you are and that is why your clients love you. 

So a brand photo shoot is more than just a headshot or a business portrait its a photo shoot that showcases you, the real, authentic and wonderful you and all that you have to offer your clients. 

You created your business because something called to you, you had a passion that gave you purpose and joy. What you do isn't just work, it's not just a job, it's your life. Which is why you need to showcase your true self. We live in a vision led world where emotional connection is key to engaging your clients. Your presence on your website and social media is your first impression so it's important you show up as your best and most authentic self. 


brand photography for small business

The effort that was shown in finding out about my business and myself, made me feel confident on the day that we were getting the shots I needed

Rosie Holman, owner of Join the Circle.

so where to next?

You can click on any of the buttons below to find out more about how I can help you be more visible.

My journal.

This is the space where I regularly post about my work, my personal adventures and also my thoughts and guidance around the challenges we face in business. 
I really hope to grow this as a valuable resource not just for myself but for other amazing women as well.

About me.

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My name is Ami and I am the human being behind The Woman & The Wolf. I have been a professional photographer for over 8yrs and over the past 2-3yrs I have become involved with some absolutely incredible women who are out there creating and living their own amazing lives.

So I decided that I wanted to create a photography based business that helps these women promote themselves in the most authentic way possible, so here we are!

There are many things that make up who I am and I am also building my own amazing life doing the things I love to do. I have photographed weddings and horses for the past 6yrs as 'work' and my personal life is made up of life living just outside London in Sevenoaks, spending as much time as possible with my horses Pearl & Spring and every morning is spent with these two. I also always have my dog Esther by my side.

I am a big lover of adventure and try to travel whenever I can fit it in, the past 2yrs I have visited Venice, Krakow, Malta and most recently Scotland. I also try to get down to Devon as much as possible where I grew up so I can spend time with my family and enjoy the beaches down there. Nature and the outdoors is so important to me but I also have a love affair with the city and having spent the past 6yrs living and around in London I know it intimately. 

The blog on here is going to be my platform for yes showing off beautiful business women BUT also talking all things life and business so I hope it to become a valuable resource as it grows as I also love writing.  So please do go and check it out HERE if you would like to get to know me and my work better.

Esther being Esther. Walking with her is one of my favourite things.

Esther being Esther. Walking with her is one of my favourite things.

Pearl, my war horse. Purebred Lusitano, horse of kings who never fails to amaze me.

Pearl, my war horse. Purebred Lusitano, horse of kings who never fails to amaze me.