What are your core values?

Rainbows in Scotland, me expressing my love of natre. 

Rainbows in Scotland, me expressing my love of natre. 

So this morning from my sunny balcony in the beautiful Madeira I have been journaling about my core values. I think have always lived by them but 2018 is very much about being more intentional. I want to live in a way that always makes me feel happy and content so having a compass to base my decisions on seems like a sensible idea. 

Everybody has a set of values that they live by whether they are intentionally aware of them or not. If you are in business then knowing your values is crucial if you really want to grow as when those challenges come up which they always do you can refer back to this personal list of commandments and make decisions that will take you in the right direction. 

Times of frustration as well can be eased when you know that you are living by your values as sometimes especially when we get into a scarcity or panic mindset that’s when we can make bad choices. So by getting clear on those values and having them written down somewhere you can always refer back to them makes it so much easier to stay on your path towards your goals.  

So I am going to share my values with you.. 

  • To be kind always and to work from a place of understanding in all my relationships. 
  • To have integrity at all times so that when I make mistake I can own it and make it right. 
  • To be authentic in my actions and how I show up in both my business and personal relationships. 
  • To always be emotionally intelligent by recognising how I am feeling which will keep me mentally healthy and able to deal with new challenges. 
  • To embrace nature at every opportunity as I know that is a place where I can align myself and get back to my core motivation. 
  • Self care by looking after myself both mentally and physically so that I am always showing up as my best self. 

All pretty straight forward stuff. Having them out in the open though means that I know when it comes to making those all important decisions from who I want to work with to how I spend my time I know that they are my decisions based on how I want to live my life not outside pressures. 

The moment you make decisions that go against your values is when things can start to go wrong and I think we all know that horrible gut react when you have made a wrong turn. Remember though if you have a good compass you can always find your way back to the path and eventually the destination. 

I would love to know what your values are so please feel free to comment!  
Have a lovely day
Ami xx

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