The second brand photo shoot with Emily & Alan from Baylily Bell Tents & The Outside Bride.

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So back at the beginning of Autumn (where has the time gone???) I made my way down to Hampshire for an afternoon with Emily & Alan from Baylily Bell Tents & The Outside Bride!

This is my second shoot with them as they are doing the Annual Brand Photography Package and photographing these two is always a joy.

They are one of the most driven and inspiring couples I have come across.

And since shoot one earlier in the summer these two have got a couple of exciting developments in their businesses!

First of all they have just started a new Instagram feed which is a behind the scenes look at their life as entrepreneurs and as parents of their three AMAZING kids and I have been loving the daily updates of their lives and adventures. If you would like to follow their journey to 7 figures (yep these two don’t think small) then you can find them at @athomewiththebraithwaites

They also recently launched The Planning Sessions. This is absolute genius as these guys know their shit about planning an outdoor wedding. They are probably the most knowledgeable people in the wedding industry when it comes to putting on an outdoor event and they have packaged this up into 6 months of guidance for Brides & Grooms who can’t afford a planner but need some help in creating the best day of their lives! If this is something you need then just head over here:

I LOVE working with Emily & Alan and I am so looking forward to doing the rest of their brand photo shoots during 2019! I am also loving being being a part of their journey and being an extra member of their team.

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