The biggest thing holding you back from being visible!

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So I went live about this last week on my Facebook page but I felt it was such an important message it deserves a blog post as well! 

There are many things that hold us back from being more visible and putting out there who we are and what value we can add to people's lives. There is one though that is pretty common around most people I have spoken to.

A fear of being judged. 

Now this fear usually creeps in when we think about doing something outside of our comfort zone. Our mind and ego kicks in to protect us. You know doing a Facebook live for the first time, writing that blog post that isn't on the fence about a particular subject or going to a networking event. 

The voice of fear will kick in. It will tell you that people will judge you, it will point out that who are you to show up there or have this opinion, it will tell you there is no point no good can come of this apart from embarrassing yourself.

It's all a load of shit. An ancient protection system to make sure that you don't extradite yourself from the protection of the tribe. 

The truth of the matter is that as human beings we all judge each other every single day. It's embedded within our nature and in some cases it does protect us. Self awareness is everything with judgement though and the realisation that you are not defined by your thoughts. 

That's another subject though, back to the point. 

And my point is that whether you are within your comfort zone of being visible and showing off who you are or out of your comfort zone, you are being judged regardless.

You are judged by the person sitting opposite you on the train, you are judged by your clients, family, friends, followers. Everyday you are being judged even by yourself and as far as I am concerned that's the most important judgement. 

So is this clear? Whatever you do comfortable or not you are being judged. 

So why the hell is this a block for you? 

If what you are doing isn't seeing you create the life you want or scaling your business to the success that you want and the only reason you aren't showing up is because you are afraid of being judged by others who are already judging you then it's time to put those big girl pants on and start showing up. 

Yes it's scary and yes it's a vulnerable place to be putting yourself out there but you have to do it. You are a small business and a personal brand if you don't show who you are then you are just another small fish in a big pond with lots of other small fish. I bet when you started this adventure of entrepreneurship being a small fish wasn't the big goal?

If that isn't enough to make you take that leap then how about this?

People don't care. 

Yep sounds harsh but it's true. Unless what you have to say or show either resonates with an individual and sets them on the path to becoming a client or really pisses them off (highly unlikely) they are just going to scroll on by to the next cat video or go back to worrying about what they are going to have for lunch. People are so self-involved that the thing that's a big deal for you (when it shouldn't be) isn't for everyone else.

But what about mean comments I hear you say.

The people who make unnecessary and horrible comments online are sad individuals who have nothing better to do. Realise that you are out there doing something amazing while this person actually has time in their boring day to go round the internet just being mean for the sake of it. Constructive criticism however is to be received with immense gratitude, put the ego aside and use it to make yourself better. 

So now that has been cleared up what is stopping you? Go deep on this question, you need to be passionate and fearless when it comes to making yourself seen and heard by your ideal client because if you don't you will only continue in this struggle. 

Have a great bank holiday! 
Ami xx


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