Resilience. Why it's so important in business.

Personal branding and business coaching


1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

Ok so this is a subject I have been wanting to write about for a long time. However I have never felt that it's been suitable within my other businesses as they just aren't the right audience. 

This is part of my reasoning for creating The Woman & The Wolf after 6yrs in my industries and making not one but two successful businesses within them resilience has been the key to everything that I have achieved.

I believe social media has this awful tendency to make everything look like an overnight success. It's no ones fault BUT these businesses generally don't come into our consciousness until they have reached a certain level of success. 

We celebrate the beginning of a venture and we celebrate the big success of a venture but we pay very little attention to the messy middle. 

And it's the messy middle that requires resilience. And lots of it. 

Business and self-employment is no picnic. In fact the only thing that can be guaranteed is you are going to fail at points, you are going to be stretched and challenged in ways you didn't think were possible and you are going to have isolating times where you wonder why you are doing this to yourself. 

Resilience is a quality in people that allows them to be knocked back repeatedly but still have the optimism and toughness to keep getting back up and fight another day to get to where they want to be. It's also a quality that brings out creativity as more often than not when plan A didn't work you need to create a plan B. 

Resilience is seriously powerful stuff. It's what got the British through the world wars, it's what Martin Luther King had when he was the leader of the civil rights movement, it's what the survivors of holocaust had when they suffered the most horrific abuses ever witnessed in modern times. 

Resilience gets you to where you want to be and it gives you the power to survive life's challenges. 

Everybody has it. When they have an absolute reason to use it. 

It's the truly purpose driven people though who use it to create lives a large percentage of people can only dream of enjoying.  

Many people come up with ideas, many people even execute those ideas to an extent, many people also once the momentum has gone and they have realised the overnight success isn't coming, QUIT. 

I have done it myself, in fact I don't know anyone who hasn't. 

After you quit you tend to blame as many outside factors as possible when the truth is you just didn't have the resilience to see it through. 

Now that doesn't mean you don't have resilience. Everybody has it. But if the purpose, goal, why etc isn't strong enough inside of you then you are most likely not going to tap into that bullheaded, optimistic, persistent side of yourself that will no matter what challenge you face get you from A to B. 

Resilience brings certainty. 

Every struggle you have faced being an entrepreneur has been faced before by someone else and the only big difference between the person who got to where they wanted to be and the person who quit was resilience. 

So how do you tap into it? Well if whatever you are trying to execute does not have a strong purpose or intent behind it (you know the WHY that makes you create or do something) then you are most likely going to quit or be miserable. If that why energises you, fills you with joy, drives you to make change and soldier on with persistent and consistent action then you will tap into that amazing pool of resilience that will get you to where you want to be. 

I find journaling is key on this. When I am facing a struggle in any of my businesses I journal around why I am doing it, why I am putting myself through such anxiety, pain, relationship problems, sleepless nights etc if that why still energises me, still excites me then I power on with an absolute certainty that I will succeed. 


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