What is the one thing 99% of my clients have in common?

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What is the one thing 99% of my clients all have in common?? 
Well, I think it's something most of us can relate to... They are majorly uncomfortable with having their photo taken. 
The thought of having a photo shoot solely focused on them makes them feel deeply uncomfortable. 
They know as a small business and the face of their brand that they need to be seen, that they need to show up and be visible.
They know that in order to build the know, like & trust factor they need to put themselves out there.

But there is that fear... The one that tells you that people will criticise you, judge you and that you are not good enough.

That fear can be crippling. Trust me I know it well. 
Despite the work I do I feel the same things that you do. 
I tell myself the same awful stories.

This year though I have started telling myself a new story...

If I don't show up, if I choose to hide, if I let that fear of being judged take control then only one thing will happen...

My business will fail and I won't help the people that I want to help so desperately.

If I don't lead by example and put myself out there I can't possibly inspire my audience and clients to do the same.

Being visible is deeply uncomfortable for oh so many of us but as I always say there is no reward in comfort.

Staying in your comfort zone only leads to becoming stagnant. You won't grow or achieve the things you want to in your life and business without pushing past the fears you have around visibility.

And let me tell you something else... every day whether you are in your comfort zone or not you are being judged.

The person behind the counter when you go to get coffee is judging you.
Every person you walk past in the street judges you.
The checkout staff at the supermarket... yep they are judging you too.
The other Mum's at the school gates, also judging.

So if you are being judged every single day doing the things you are comfortable with. You know... the things that don't see your business soar, the things that don't make your heart sing, the boring and the mundane things that make up the fabric of daily life.

If you are being judged for all of those things then isn't it better to be judged for doing something outside of comfort? Something that makes your business grow or inspires others or lands you a new client... Visibility leads to all of those things that I know you want so bad.

And brand photography plays a huge part in that.

Brand photography tells the story of you and your business in a beautiful and authentic way that connects you with your audience and opens up opportunity and that is why I love it so much.

Over this year I have seen so many of my clients go from petrified of being in front of the camera to showing up everywhere from social media to the press with their brand photos. I have watched them build a following, inspire others and make more money from the simple act of being seen.

And I want to help so many more of you achieve the same and it all starts with stepping outside of that comfort zone...

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I can't wait to hear from you.
Ami xx

ami robertson