The March mini brand photo shoots in Shoreditch, London.

brand photographer in london

So blogging has been a bit slow and again that’s purely because of how busy it’s been. I mean we are only on the 5th June and I have already done 4 brand shoots this month alone! Today though I have a lovely blog to share with you.

It’s the mini sessions from March! I held these in Shoreditch over a weekend with a little one locally for a photographer near to me on the Monday. In total I worked with six incredible business women and I created some work that I absolutely love and they do as well.

That is where the reward is from being a brand photographer. I give people the tools and the confidence to start showing up more. Visibility is crucial (yep I know I say that a lot) because if your not being seen then you are not getting clients.

I love the transformation I see in the people I work with from camera shy and worried to what people will think of them to feeling excited about being seen so they can help the people they want to help and do the work they love.

This why the mini sessions are so great. They are an entry point to brand photography to help you build your confidence and get comfortable with being seen.

All of the women I worked with over the two days inspired me with their journeys into business and I am loving following their progress.

I worked with the following brilliant people on this round of the mini sessions…

Kristel Valaydon from KV Communications
Sally Lawrence from Sally Lawrence
Katie from Unruly Flowers
Gemma Barnes from GB Elegant Events
Keenda Sisouphanh from Events By Keenda
Ashleigh Shea from Ashleigh Shea Photography


I still have some spaces available and you can find out all the details by clicking on the button below

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