A Wolf Portrait Session with Hazel.

boudoir photographer london

Hazel was the second brave and beautiful woman to model for me while I discovered this side of photography. I have now done all of my portfolio sessions and I will be launching this in March. No date yet as I have been behind the scenes working out my approach to this and a name for what this is.....

You see the experience of doing these sessions, of sharing such an intimate space with such inspirational women led me to hate the word 'Boudoir' I kept finding myself defending it when really in my mind that word only conjured images of sleazy glamour photos. That is not what this is. This is empowering, this is fucking real and this is exploration. 

A discovery of self, an opportunity to really see yourself and fall in love. 

This is discovering your Wolf. 

Women have strong cultural and spiritual links with Wolves. Those stories were the original inspiration for The Woman & The Wolf so using the word Boudoir is not right. 

If you haven't read Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes I would heartily recommend it. It's the exploration of the wild woman psyche something we all have inside of us. 

And that's what these portrait sessions are. A beautiful exploration of the wild woman, the wolf inside all of us. 

Hazel was wonderful, brave and beautiful. She fully stepped into the experience. I could not be more grateful that she trusted me to photograph this side of her. 


ami robertson