Journaling. My tips on how to make it work for you.

How to journal

Journaling for me is the most important thing I do everyday. 

I can suffer with anxiety and I have enough self awareness to know that I lean towards negativity. Journaling allows me a space that I have total control over to keep myself on an even keel.

Running your own business is both an exhilarating and stressful rollercoaster being able to give yourself a structure and strategy that you can do anywhere is crucial. 

Lots of people associate journaling with being childish as it's something teenage girls are known for. But many successful and influential people throughout history have kept a private journal Marcus Aurelius & Anne Frank being perfect examples. 

So I did go live on my Facebook page this week to talk about it and you can watch it HERE 

I also thought it would be helpful to put the main points into a more condensed blog post if you don't have time watch it live and this will be a good place to refer back to.

Remember journaling is a personal thing, there is no right or wrong way to do it. That being said a lot of people I have spoken to about this don't have the foggiest about where to start so thats why I am sharing my practise. You can either do all of it or pick and choose what you want to do. 


  • GRATITUDE. This is the very first thing I do. I always journal first thing in the morning after making a cup of tea and letting the dog out. And gratitude is the perfect place to start. Life can be a real pain in the backside sometimes and its very very easy to slip into a downward spiral so this is a key way to keep that in check. Being grateful forces you to look for the good things in your life even when things seem really bleak. I do 3 things everyday and they can be anything, I really try to not overthink it. Sometimes it might be something general like having a roof over my head or something small and silly like getting to yard 20mins earlier because all the lights were green. Either way I have never not been able to find 3 things that I am grateful for and they instantly lift my mood. 
  • BRAIN DUMP. This bit I don't think about I just write whatever comes to mind. Sometimes its half a page other times its 5 pages although I do try to aim for 2 pages. This is probably the hardest part for people as there is very little structure its basically an opportunity for you off load in a safe space and I tell you what it feels bloody good. If I have a problem that needs solving I do use this point in my journaling to write about it and will more often than not come up with a solution or an idea. 
  • VISUALISE. The whole point of being self employed or choosing the path less walked is that you want more and better for yourself, knowing what that looks like is really important. I may write about what my ideal day is in the life I am creating for myself or where I want to travel to and what I will do there. Or I may write about what it will look like when my horse Pearl is ridden away and all the amazing adventures we will have together. Its fun and it keeps me motivated. 
  • DAILY INTENTIONS. Every Sunday I plan out my week in my diary and what I need to get done both for business and personal and I always rewrite them here as well for that day. The reason is simple it keeps me accountable and on track, it also feels really good to cross them off at the end of the day.
  • GOALS. Another way to keep focused and intentional. Some people think its mad to write them everyday but its the best way to keep focused on what you want. Yes you can pin them up somewhere BUT that will just become a part of your scenery everyday. Writing them down every morning is a powerful practise that keeps you going on your journey. Include all my business and personal goals and I write them in two sections. The first one is my BIG goals for the year and the second is my smaller goals for the month. It feels so good as well when you can check them off.
  • AFFIRMATION. This is personal to you and its whatever mantra you find the most inspirational and motivating. Mine are.... I am enough, this is my time, I am making this happen and I do deserve this.


  • THREE WINS FOR THE DAY. Super simple finish the day on a high. I write down my three achievements for the day and I celebrate them. It might be booking a wedding or getting a new branding client or that I did my yoga and it felt really good. Anything you like celebrate your achievements. 

So thats it. I know it seems like a lot but the long term impact is amazing and rewarding. There is nothing else I have found that makes me feel good and keeps me on track. You don't need to fork out for anything fancy just a plain notebook will do. Although I do have a little stationary fetish so I do like to pick something I like the look of :) 

I would love to know about your own practises and if you try this and find it beneficial so please do get in touch I absolutely love to connect with people! 

Have a great weekend
Ami xx


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