Going Sugar Free!

Going sugar free

Goodbye Sugar

So I am a 12yr long sugar addict. My sweet tooth and love of food that is not good for you has controlled most of my diet for all of my adult life. I am also exceptionally lazy when it comes to preparing food mostly because I don't think I have time and eating is well secondary to my business.

Which I believe most of us creative lot can relate to. 

Long editing sessions include cup of tea after cup of tea and I have two sugars in mine!!!! 

Over the past 3yrs since I started driving I have noticed the weight start to creep on, the constant feeling of being tired no matter how much sleep I get and waking up and not being able to function until I get that sugar fix. 

And don't talk to me about the headaches. Headaches every single day have crippled me. And then there is the mood swings. 

Basically to sum it up sugar cripples you both physically and mentally.

I want to be a peak performer. I want to be one of the best in my industries and I want to wake up everyday ready to live, to ride my horses, create beautiful work and believe in myself. 

All of the above is not going to happen if I don't look after my body. 

We only get one body. If we fuck it up we don't get another one. 

So I have decided to change my relationship with food. This is a lifestyle change not a faddy diet (I hate the word diet) instead of seeing food in the way my dopamine addled mind was seeing it I have decided to see food as fuel. Fuel that allows me and my body to perform at its best. 

Fuel that gives me the pleasure of enjoying life. 

Rather than a quick sugary fix. 

Now sugar is in everything. So cutting out the 30 odd spoonfuls a day in the tea that I have was not going to be enough. I decided that all processed food and pointless carbs (goodbye chips) had to go as well. I needed to keep it simple so that decision making is kept to minimum so its very basic. Homemade Muesli in the morning, wholemeal pittas and hummus for lunch with lots of fruit and nuts throughout the day as snacks and then for dinner a shit ton of various vegetables with a little meat and fish and maybe some quinoa if I feel like it. 

How boring right?? 

Remember this is meant to be fuel to live a high quality life. We are thinking long term here not short term fixes which we love in our instant gratification dopamine fuelled culture. 

My addicted mind was outraged and immediately launched an emotional attack on me. Of course day one was all motivation at my brave decision and I told my mind to fuck off.

Day two was when the cravings really kicked in and by the late afternoon the headaches and fatigue was in full swing. 

Day three was horrific. I went to do the horses in the morning which took me far longer than normal and then hysterically cried for absolutely no reason the whole way home. The headache was agonising and my thoughts were battering me with a simple solution 'just go and have some sugar' NO! 

Instead I went to sleep for the afternoon. 

And when I woke up there was just an echo of a headache. I didn't feel like I was falling apart emotionally either. Was this the other side? 


It's been 8 days now and not a single sugary or processed morsel has crossed my lips and I feel great. The weight is starting to shift as well especially around my face, belly and thighs. Those American Eagle jeans fit again and I just feel lighter. It's lovely.

I also know that my focus and productivity in my work has improved dramatically and I have so much more energy. 

The best bit as well my anxiety has started to go. 

Mentally I think whats important is that I didn't choose to do this to fix a short term problem. I decided to make a long term decision about what was best for me. I am 32 this year and I don't want to damage myself anymore. I also don't want to live a life controlled by such a nasty substance. I want to live a rich and happy life doing the things I love and the rate I was going that was not going to be the case for me. 

I am now excited everyday when I wake up and thats how I want to feel every single day. 

Ami xx


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