Brand Photographer in London with Priya from Glow with Priya.

brand photographer in london

So a while back this beautiful human being got in touch with me about her brand photography. Priya is just amazing. It was one of those where you just connect instantly with someone and her story is inspirational. 

Life is always this crazy journey where more often than not the times that are our most challenging often lead to the most amazing things happening to us. Priya's story is no exception and getting to know her and how she came to the place she is in now was an absolute pleasure. 

She is a yoga teacher but has evolved into so much more than that. An educator of self-love is what she was made to do and she has so many exciting things happening very soon.  

Priya really is an inspiration and we decided on Hampstead for her brand shoot. As soon as we got off the tube we were met with the most amazing fruit shop and we couldn't help but stop to buy some nectarines and they were the best I have ever tasted. We then headed to Ginger & White a really sweet coffee shop down one of Hampstead's cobbled alleyways. Their coffee and cake were delicious and I couldn't help but buy their cookbook. 

We also got some great photos...

Next we headed to Hampstead Heath as Priya really wanted to show a connection with nature despite being based in the city. We had specifically chosen to be there as well for the late afternoon sun so we could really bring some glow to the images. 

As ever being photographed this way makes many women feel vulnerable as it's just not something we are used to doing for ourselves. Priya however, really showed up and we got some amazing portraits that I feel really show the real her, a happy and beautiful soul who really does glow from the inside out. 

I can't wait to follow her journey and if you want to find out more about Priya you can find her in the following places...

Instagram: @glowwithpriya 
Facebook: Glow With Priya 

Hair & Makeup by Makeup Artistry by Maria. 


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