Brand Photographer in London. The Spring Mini Sessions.

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So a couple of weeks ago I had the second round of this years brand mini photo shoots. I really love doing these as they make such an affordable gateway for women in business who need some great portraits and content for their websites and social media. 

So just like the first time around I wound up with two bookings but that's ok! The Woman & The Wolf is only 6 months old next month and I am so proud of the success it's seen so far and I am immensely grateful for the women who have put their trust in me to not only give them some great content but also to give them the confidence to show up more!

So I will take this round of mini sessions as a win and especially because of who I got to photograph! 

First, we had the beautiful Gemma who is starting out as a florist and a talented one at that! Her business is called Iris & Co and you can find her on Instagram HERE I am really excited about following Gemma through her journey as she really is such a brilliant person. 

Then next we had the lovely Lucy from Mad Creative who does everything from website design to business startups she is also a tremendously amazing person and has some great vision for how she wants her business to look and who she wants to serve! It was great to give her some photos that have a real London feel to them and show off who she is. You can follow her on Instagram HERE

I LOVE all of the photos I took over the mini sessions, as a personal brand photographer its my job to get the best out of people and create a space for them to be themselves and that was definitely achieved with these two brilliant women. 


My name is Ami and I am primarily a photographer based in London who specialises in personal brand and commercial imagery for women in business.
I offer a range of service from full branding to mini headshot sessions that I hold 4 times a year. I really believe that the best way to connect with your clients is on an emotional and personal level that be done through beautiful imagery.
I also offer empowering boudoir photography for women who want to be brave and show a side of themselves they have never let out before and these are called The Wolf Sessions.
I am also a wedding photographer at Rubie Love Photography so emotion and authenticity is something I am not only an expert in but I also thrive on.
If you want to know more about what I do just click on the buttons

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