A Wolf Portrait Session with Andri.

London Boudoir photographer

Everybody meet Andri. You have probably seen her a couple of times on the website as I also did some personal branding images for her. This time though she was one of the brave volunteers who came forward to model for the Wolf Sessions.

As some of you know I officially launched the Wolf Sessions last week, this is boudoir for you. An exploration shall we say of that side of yourself that very rarely gets the attention it deserves. It's an indulgence in what it is to be a woman. 

Andri was amazing. She is one of the most wonderful women that I know, her smile is contagious and she has a personality that really shines. Andri knows who she is, a mum, wife, wedding planner and she loves design. She is also a beautiful, sexy and real woman who absolutely smashed this photo shoot. 

I honestly love these sessions. Photographing women so intimately and getting a look behind the curtain at who they are. 

My biggest lesson from these portfolio sessions was not only how vulnerable the women I am photographing are but actually how these sessions made me realise another level of my work and my own vulnerability. 

I have to create a space for my clients to be able to be themselves, to open up and be comfortable with being exposed. To be comfortable with my camera and my instruction. There has to be trust. 

The sessions are officially able to be booked and you can find out all you need to know about them by clicking on the button below.

ami robertson