A brand photo shoot with Holleen from Holleen Fitness.

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On the blog today I have for you the brilliant Holleen who is the fitness instructor behind Holleen Fitness. I photographed her back in the Autumn and spending time with this inspiring lady was nothing but a privilege.

Holleen is passionate about fitness but alongside that she is also all about promoting the mindset that encourages people to make a choice to improve their health for the long term not just as a quick fix. She recognises that fitness and wellbeing not only has a positive effect on the physical health of her clients but it also bleeds through to all the other aspects of their lives.

As well as working with people on a one to one basis she also runs a variety classes from bootcamps to metafit and having witnessed a couple of her classes I can honestly say that Holleen knows how to motivate people in a fun and approachable way.

For her photo shoot we started with some relaxed portraits in normal clothes so that her clients could also see a more personal side of Holleen. We then photographed her beautiful clothing range in the natural setting of the park. Later in that evening I tagged along for a couple of her classes at the gorgeous studio at Kesson Physio in Faversham.

I love the set of images we created together and I am really proud to be showing off Holleen on the blog today!

If you would like to follow or find out more about Holleen then you can do just that in the following places below…
Website: https://www.holleenfitness.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holleenfitness/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HolleenPersonalTraining/


These are my last for this year and I am so excited about this round as winter in London is beautiful and makes for a seriously stunning back drop for portraits.

So if you need some kickass new photos for your website and social media to go into 2019 with a bang then these are for you! Just click on the button below for more details and to get booked in!

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