A brand photo shoot in East London with Banke, owner of Ahjayee.

brand photography in London

SO I am finally the time to get all the amazing businesses I have been working with up on the blog! Hence why you are seeing two from me in a week. I absolutely love sharing the people I work with, that was always a part of the plan with The Woman & The Wolf as we all know visibility is what I am passionate about so these blog posts just help with that a little.

Today I have for you the second shoot with Banke who is the owner of Ahjayee. Banke has created an incredible collection of luxury skin and hair care products for men and it’s something she has been building for a good number of years.

I find this woman so inspiring and LOVE spending time with her. Banke runs marathons, travels and is deeply passionate about what she does. I am also enjoying being a part of her visibility journey as she starts to grow and share more of who she by telling her story. Recently Banke was on the Super Abundant Life Podcast sharing her business journey and it was so inspiring to listen to.

For this shoot we wanted to focus our attention on East London as well as some new portraits for Banke. I also loved the fact that Banke made the decision to keep her content either black and white or monochrome as I feel like this is a really great statement for the Ahjayee brand!

I also loved how much more confident Banke felt to photograph. Getting comfortable with having your photo taken and being authentic with is always a process and I love this collection of images.

ami robertson