An adventure to Sorrento, Italy.

Sorrento, Italy


So first of all I think I deserve a round of applause for getting this blog post written today! I am a bit of a mess after only 3hrs sleep on Wednesday night and then actually having to use my brain yesterday at networking.

And to clarify I wasn’t out partying on a weekday, I was getting my massive geek on and going to watch the midnight showing of Avengers Endgame with Lex. It was so worth it and while I am not capable of much today I feel like putting this blog post out into the world will make me feel more productive.

It’s a slightly different one for you today, I thought I would share my adventures from a couple of weeks ago in Sorrento, Italy.

This was an impromptu trip as originally I was meant to be in Devon for a week while my Mum and Stepdad went away for a well earned break. Sadly it wasn’t to be as my Stepdad’s mum is quite unwell so he couldn’t go. So I agreed to go and spend the last few days my Mum was there with her.

So while I was super sad that my Stepdad couldn’t go it was also nice that I could go. Double edged sword right there. It was also nice to have the opportunity to spend some time with my Mum as with living in London and them in Devon it’s something that doesn’t happen often enough.

I flew out on the Saturday morning on no sleep (bit of a pattern here) and arrived at Naples airport with the sun shining. Mum came and picked me up and we drove the windy and beautiful coastline to Sorrento. That afternoon was spent eating crepes and enjoying walking around the town which is stunning. And then I slept because well I desperately needed it.

The next day feeling fresher we decided to go to Capri for the day. This island is AMAZING. It is so stunning and the first thing we did was hop on a boat around the island with a visit to the Blue Grotto which is an experience in itself. You basically get in a rowing boat, lie completely flat and wait for the swell to drop enough so your rower can pull you through a tiny gap in the cliff. When you get inside it is incredible, completely pitch black apart from the incredible blue of the water which glows from the light outside.

After our boat trip the rest of the day was spent ambling around this island which as a photographer is just heaven. You will notice the photos below are VERY Wisteria heavy, one of my favourite flowers and one day I will own a cottage with Wisteria all over the front.

The second day we headed to Herculaneum, the lesser known town that suffered the same fate as Pompeii after Vesuvius let rip all those years ago.

It was such a fascinating day exploring the well preserved ruin of what must been an amazing place. Apparently as well they believe it’s much bigger but excavation is hard because of the town surrounding it.

So that was my very brief trip to the Bay of Naples but I will be 100% going back. The food is amazing and the scenery is breathtaking so I am easily pleased there.

Enjoy the photos and have a brilliant weekend.

Ami xx

ami robertson