The third brand photo shoot with Penton Park Brewery

commercial photographer

Afternoon everyone on this wet Wednesday! Honestly, where is summer? This weather is starting to get a little annoying and I am having to reschedule shoots left, right and centre.

Anyway I have a lovely blog post to share today and you have seen them here before, it’s the brilliant Penton Park Brewery. This is their third shoot with me and we had a great time as per usual.

Guy & Danielle wanted some new shots of the beer (love getting creative with the beer) some brewery in action shots and some new portraits. And that’s exactly what we did. I love the images we created and I also really love Guy & Danielle who are entrepreneurial heros with running a brewery, wedding venue and day centre.

I also heavily need to empathise how fucking good this beer tastes and there are a range of ways to get your hands on some, just click on the button below to find out!

As ever my photos are always better than my words so keep scrolling to see more of this amazing business!

ami robertson