Why knowing who your ideal client is can help you grow your business.

ideal client

Ideal client. Now how many times have you heard that term thrown around? It has become a phrase used over and over in business and I guess we could all say we are a little tired of hearing it.

While it’s being repeatedly used though, how many of us are actually creating our ideal client and putting that information to good use to grow our business and personal brand?

Your ideal client is the compass for your business and brand. That’s why it’s so important. Trying to please everyone and be everything will not get you very far and will fill your email box with price shoppers who don’t value you or what you have to offer.

Marketing yourself to the smallest viable market, your niche will get you the work you love and see you being paid properly for it. Just doing good work is no longer enough if you aren’t making sure the right people are seeing you and connecting with you.

Kevin Kelly’s article 1000 true fans is the best way that I have heard the ideal client explained. And every word of it is true. If you can gain 1000 true fans that LOVE everything that you will do then you will earn a living that is a good living.

It doesn’t even need to be 1000. Lets look at the maths. If you have 1000 people that each generate you £100 worth of work a year then you will make £100,000 they could be purchasing from you themselves or singing your praises and encouraging others to purchase from you. If you have 100 true fans who each generate you £1000 worth of work a year then you will make the same money.

It’s up to you to decide what your model is but ultimately it comes down to nurturing that smallest viable market that love your work. NOT trying to please everyone.

When you put your content out there whether that’s through social media, your blog or website you need to be talking to your ideal client.

Think about as a filter as well. If you are niching down and only talking to those that you want to work with then you will pretty much stop getting the price shoppers (there are always a few that don’t get that you are not for them) emailing you and only have the people contact you who want to invest in you. That means less time responding to dead ends and more time working on your audience and finding those true fans.

If I look at my wedding photography business Rubie Love, I know that I only need 25 couples a year. Over 250,000 couples a year get married and I only need 25 of them to like who I am and what I do. So tailoring my marketing to the specific tastes and interests of my 25 clients is where I get my bookings. I don’t want anyone else to contact me other than my 25.

It’s the same for the amazing Tiny Sarah’s Cakes (pictured above) she is a creative, non-traditional, vegan cake maker. Sarah does want traditional non-vegan couples contacting her about their wedding cake. That’s not who her client is. And if you go on her website or Instagram feed then you will see her brand and message makes that very very clear. Sarah is making sure that she is appealing only to her niche.

By only appealing to a specific niche, being bloody good at what you do and making sure you cast your net of visibility wide and consistently, you will get the clients you want and grow your business into something wonderful.

Remember though all good things take time. I don’t want you to go away from this article thinking it’s going to happen overnight. It’s not. You need to put the work in and show up daily!

I am so passionate about the ideal client, can you tell? It’s something that massively changed my business for the better. I know who to say yes to and more importantly who to say no too. That means that my work never feels like a job. It consistently brings me joy.

This why I have created The Visibility Collective. A monthly membership that is both a stock image gallery and education & community for small businesses who desperately need help with their visibility. As part of the Collective every member gets access to my ideal client workbook to help them choose the direction for their business and marketing. This workbook has 50 questions for you to answer about who your client is and then some helpful brainstorming prompts on how to turn that into content!

If you would like to know more about The Visibility Collective just click on the button below!

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!

Ami xx

ami robertson