A brand photo shoot in Hampstead, London with Ahjayee.

brand photographer in london

So back in January (where is the year going already!) I did the first shoot with my latest Annual Branding client Ahjayee!

I love Banke the founder and creator of this luxury skin and haircare product for men but as she is a woman she doesn’t necessarily represent her ideal client.
As she had had a mini session with me back in 2018 we decided that for the first shoot as part of the Annual Branding we needed to focus on the lifestyle of the brand and the products themselves.

Cue putting into action a huge plan to find models and a location that would work and inspire her ideal client.

Ahjayee has a very minimal monochrome brand and eventually after much searching we found the perfect AirBnB as our location and then Mark & Kosta kindly stepped in as our models. Banke’s client is the modern man and we wanted to create images for her content that represented that to give her plenty of talking points.

When you have a product based business if you aren’t your client then your personal brand will only go so far. You need to show elements of the lifestyle behind the brand to build connection with an audience that will potentially become paying clients.

I loved every second of this shoot and also the planning of it. It was a lot of fun to build a concept with my client and then use my knowledge to execute it and I am delighted with the results which Banke has already been putting to good use on her Instagram.

I can’t wait for the following shoots we are going to do together and also to follow her journey and growth.

If you would like to follow and know more about Ahjayee you find it in the following places:

Website: https://ahjayee.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ahjayee/

what is the annual branding?

The annual brand photography package is for those businesses who are ready to take their content marketing to the next level.

You already know that you need a regular and fresh flow of seasonal and professional content you just don’t know how to find it.
That is where I come in. Your brand new marketing team member who will work with you over a 12 month period to create a beautiful and bespoke stock library of images for you to show off your business. We work closely over our time together to create quarterly strategies so we make sure we are creating the right images and you also have my support on a monthly basis to check in and make sure the plan in working.

Over 12 months we will have 6 photo shoots together all designed with your goals in mind.

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