The first brilliant shoot with Baylily Bell Tents!

Brand photographer

I am SO EXCITED to be working with Emily & Alan owners of Baylily Bell Tents and The Outside Bride! These two are just incredible and I am so grateful that they have chosen to work with me over the next 12 months for their brand photography.

I have been following these guys for the past year at least as their businesses represent everything I love about weddings. So when Emily contacted me about the annual branding I was over the moon. I travelled down to them not long after to do their strategy in terms of content for the next 12 months and we decided that the first shoot needed to be very much about them as a family.

As well as two busy businesses Emily & Alan are also parents to three of the most adorable children and life is all about being there for them as well as having a business that they love.

So showing this side of them is important. Their love of their family, the outdoors, adventure, BBQs, burgers, each other and of course the tents.

I find this couple inspiring, the reason being that it is no walk in the park to build a business to the level they have with Baylily. To then launch a second this year and raise a family while working together as a team takes a certain level of grit mixed with humour and passion for what you do.

There are not many on this planet with those qualities.

So if you want to find out more about Emily & Alan you can find them in the following places:

Baylily Website:
The Outside Bride Website:
Baylily Instagram:
The Outside Bride Instagram:
Baylily Facebook:
The Outside Bride Facebook:

ALSO!!! Baylily Bell Tents are expanding and they are offering franchise opportunities across the UK! So if you want a bit more of the outdoors in your life along with working with brilliant and adventurous couples you can find out more here:


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