How to find inspiration for creating content.

content creation

So let's start with what content is or more specifically content marketing. 

In the dictionary it is defined like this: 'a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services'

And that pretty much sums it up. Straightforward right? Nope. It's one of the biggest struggles for businesses out there. People really battle with how to create the right content for their marketing, both visually and written. 

The pressure to create engaging and consistent content can be so overwhelming for people that some don't even bother and then they wonder why they aren't getting anywhere with their business. 

Content marketing is one of the most effective methods to get your business out there and to help you connect with the people who want to work with you or buy your products. It does not have to be overwhelming. You can create a strategy for this. 

I use my ideal client as inspiration for content. If you haven't done your ideal client yet then is something you must do. It will change everything in your business for the better and it is the foundation for everything. There is a ton of information all over the internet about how to create your ideal client but my way was to sit down and make up 100 questions that I would ask my ideal client and then answer them. It took a few days but the information that I gained from forming an official profile of who I wanted to work for was invaluable. I went deep, how they shop, where they live, what they love, where they go out, political views, what are there fears? I know my client inside and out. 

So how does this help with content? I hear you say. Well as you answer these questions you will be creating content or more specific ideas for content.  You will have an abundance of ideas all on brand to leverage as Instagram posts or stories, facebook lives, blog posts, videos. All the content is there in that information. 

So let's have an example. For Rubie Love Photography my ideal client (or couple) lives in London but they LOVE the countryside and nature. They only stay in the city because of their jobs (which they also love) and their heart is very much in the countryside and they use every opportunity to get out into it. They love anything to do with the great outdoors. 

So how can I use that? There are probably two ways I would turn that into content. Firstly I would find somewhere beautiful just outside of London to go for a walk, say Camber Sands a lovely great big beach about an hour or so outside of London. I would do an Instagram story while I was out on the walk making sure to use a few relevant hashtags and my location. I would also have a camera with me and I would document all the loveliness of the day and put it into a personal blog post. I would make sure that keywords and phrases like 'places to visit outside of London' or 'beautiful places for a walk outside of London' are used in the post so my clients are likely to find it on google. 

So how does this get me, clients? Well, very recently I did a blog post like this when I took my dog Esther to Camber Sands. I took some lovely photos and made a post out of them. Then two weeks ago I had an enquiry from a couple in London who are getting married next year and they are celebrating at a beach hotel at Camber Sands and that post is exactly how they found me. We had our meeting this week so fingers crossed they book!

So you see that's how you create content that you can not only market with but also get the clients you want to find you and invest in you. 

So I hope you have found this helpful and now it's your turn. Go away and list 5 different pieces of content that your client would find helpful or enjoyable. Then go out and create them and have fun doing it. Content creation is so much fun once you have a plan and you know what you are doing and who it is for. 

Have a great week
Ami xx

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