Your beliefs and how they effect your business.

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So this is quite a big topic, to be honest, but I hope to cover some of it in a helpful way for you. I have been thinking a lot lately about beliefs especially those around who I am as a person and what I am capable of. In truth the past few weeks have been a bit tough for no other reason than it's a little busy, I am little tired and suffering from some hay fever. 

Because I journal every day though I have managed to keep things in check and not let feeling a little-tired turn into full-blown anxiety which I know myself well enough to know that's where it can go. Then what happens is my belief system gets turned upside down and I develop a negative mindset. 

Self-awareness is everything but so is knowing what your true beliefs are. 

Your true beliefs are the fuel for what you do. They are what define your actions every single day. The problem is there are a lot of people out there running on false beliefs which are often defined by that shit voice we have in our head. Commonly referred to as the ego. 

I have touched on the ego before and ultimately it's there to protect us from harm but it also gets in the way. It does this by creating a false belief system. Examples of which are; I am not worthy, I will never be successful, no one will like me, money is evil, I will always be alone..... it goes on and on and I am sure you can add a few as well. 

These beliefs usually stem from a previous negative experience that we have held on to and told ourselves a story about. Or in other words, created a block that stops us from reaching our full potential for happiness or success. 

An example could be you were cheated on by someone. That was painful, humiliating and made you feel unworthy. The ego steps in and creates a belief that everyone is probably going to cheat on you so best not to get too involved for your own sake, therefore, leading to many failed relationships that you sabotaged to protect yourself. 

A business example could be where you have maybe had a series of potential bookings fall through all one after the other (it happens to all of us) and so you start to tell yourself a story that you must not be good enough and so therefore what is the point of even trying. 

False beliefs become blocks and blocks stop you from taking action. 

You can have the best strategy, product, service etc in the whole wide world BUT if you do not believe you can make it a success or that you deserve success then quite simply you will not take action on it. 

Positive action is the key to everything. You can't, however, take positive action towards your goals without positive and passionate beliefs. 

And those beliefs need to be strong. The reason for that is because those beliefs will see you through the inevitable failures, embarrassments and challenges you will have to face in business. They will get you out of bed and give you the strength to be uncomfortable and take risks that will see you move closer to your goals. 

First, though you need to define these positive beliefs and clear the blocks that stop them from being strong. A great way of doing this is journalling around them. We will stick to business-related examples but this practice can work for anything. 

Say you want to raise your prices. A scary thing for anyone who owns a business. Lots of fears crop up very very quickly over this. Maybe you know you have been undercharging and over working for a while and so now you want to correct the balance and charge what you really know you are worth. A huge number of people undervalue themselves out a lack of self-worth. 

The first fear that may come up is 'well no one will pay that for me' this so common and I have faced it myself. Write down that fear or negative belief and then write down the reasons why you think that is true. Firstly I bet you any money you can't think of many. Secondly look at those reasons and ask yourself where they come from. 

Are they attached to a previous experience? Don't over think it just write down the first things that come to mind. You will see pretty quickly that the beliefs you hold around putting your prices up are false. 

There are a lot of fun ways to enforce positive beliefs as well. 

Vision boards are a great way to enforce positive beliefs, most of us are visually stimulated so pop on Pinterest and create a dream life board. Fill it with all the wonderful things you can't wait to add to your life and look at it every day. If any negative reactions crop up just follow the process above to deal with them.

Make sure the people you spend time with are positive about your goals. Cut out the people who put you down (this is their issue, not yours) this is easier said than done when it comes to family so try to stay clear of discussions about your business with negative family members. Again any negative chat that gets you down follow the above process. 

Always remind yourself of your why. This is the foundation of all that you are doing. It's the whole reason behind everything you want to achieve it doesn't matter how big or small it is, just make sure you know it and you remind yourself of it every day.

I hope you found this helpful and please feel free to leave any comments!
Have a brilliant week.

Ami xx


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