Personal Brand Photographer in Hampshire with Sarah from Classic Travelling.

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I say it time and time again that as a small business you MUST build a personal brand. People will want to invest in your business because of YOU not just what you do so if you are not showing up on your marketing platforms then you will not see the level of success that I know you want. 

Obviously professional brand photographs are a key part in this but there are many other important factors to take into consideration and over the weekend I read a great little book called The Personal Brand Bible for Ambitious Women by Marielle Legair and it has some excellent advice in it! 

So enough of the lecture (but seriously listen) and on to todays lovely post! As a personal brand photographer I am based in London but I do travel and I had the total pleasure of heading down to Hampshire a few weeks ago to spend a couple of hours with Sarah for a quick branding session. 

What can I say about Sarah! She is amazing so inspiring PLUS she has the best business. A car lover from a young age she turned her passion into something really exciting. 

Her business is Classic Travelling and she runs group and individual tours in some of the most beautiful places in the world for fellow car lovers. Sarah took a passion and turned it into an exciting and successful business in a pretty male dominated industry. 

I had so much fun driving around the local area with Sarah and her amazing cars getting some up to date photographs for her. The sun was shining and the conversation was great! I could not ask for more. We also decided to include her dogs as they are another big love of hers. 

If you want to find out more about Sarah you can find her in the following places...
Facebook: @classictravelling 
Instagram: @classictravelling


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