5 ways to help increase your businesses visibility

ways to increase your businesses visibility


5 ways to improve it...

Visibility is everything!! You can have the best brand, best website and be amazing at what you do but if no one knows that you exist well you are just not going to see the success that you want. 

I also from experience and talking to other women in business know that there is a definite mental block over getting yourself seen. 

There seems to be this weird shame about shouting about you do. Like we feel spammy, unworthy and embarrassed to be showing off ourselves and what we do to the world. 

We also do this other crazy thing and go along with the belief that we can't show up unless we and everything we do is perfect and that stunts growth MASSIVELY.

These days with fierce competition and algorithms we can just never keep up with if we are not showing up daily wherever we can then we find ourselves left behind. 

Consistent visibility is one of the main factors for business success. 

Right now it might seem like a struggle BUT if you persist and build momentum one day that hard work will pay off. You never know which blog post or video will suddenly capture the imaginations of the world and see you and your brand launched into the stratosphere.

So here are my tips.....

  • Post to Instagram daily. Now I know this seems like a huge ask but this is a big deal, especially in the creative industries. Instagram is the platform for showing off snippets of who you are and what you do. And posting daily at the same time can help you grow a quality and dedicated audience.
    There are some important things to remember though.
    Make sure your hashtags are relevant and diverse, don't put your hashtags in the comments, do make the most of that 2000 letter count Instagram is like a mini-blogging platform and you can really build relationships with strong captions, do curate your feed in a way that's authentic and on brand and do use stories to document daily life.
    Oh and make sure you add the location!
    Lastly and most importantly be social on Instagram like other peoples posts and if you do comment make sure its 5 words or more and something valuable to the poster, a thumbs up is just spammy. 
  • Blog weekly. Blogging is incredible for your SEO so that should be reason enough. Google loves websites that update regularly with valuable content for their users. Aside from that though your blog is your platform for your voice and message. If you make it strong enough it will encourage shares on social media and build you a loving and devoted audience who can't wait to see what you post next.
    Do make your blog posts more than 300 words and do include on brand and topic imagery. Absolutely include links to helpful resources as well. What you blog about can be anything you like. Whether it is blog posts about your recent work and projects or personal content that's important to you and you know will resonate with your ideal client. There are
    endless content ideas out there and it's well worth dedicating a couple of days a month to content creation which by the way should be FUN! 
    Make sure you write authentically though in your voice and don't be afraid to have a view on things it's what will make you stand out.
  • Network in the real world. I can't stress how important this is. Actually leaving your computer and getting out there is SO crucial in building relationships with potential clients and collaborators. I try to have coffee with someone new from my industries at least once a month and I attend networking groups. You never know where a new relationship can go, creating new ones regularly is an investment for your future and I also really believe in business communities helping and supporting one another so make sure your networking isn't a one-way street. 
  • Be social on facebook groups. I can't tell you how amazing this is. Facebook groups are the best way to become a part of a community. Did you know that E.L James (50 shades of grey) built her original fan base in twilight fan groups?
    Not only do groups give you a community of like-minded people they can be this amazing resource for inspiration and support. Again what's important here is to make sure you give back as well. Support and share other people's content, give advice and build relationships. 
    Making myself visible and valuable in groups relevant to my industries on Facebook has increased my visibility amongst my peers and helped me find some of my best clients. Just don't be spammy. 
  • Get published. This was a really hard one for me to get my head around. The fear of rejection was strong. I love writing now and I am confident in my work but submitting stuff for publication was the ultimate scary thing. Why? Because if I was accepted that was validation if I wasn't then that must mean I am shit.
    Once you work through and get over that fear of rejection though getting published on the platforms relevant to your industry is amazing for your visibility. It's a two-fold result. Quality SEO links back to your website AND your work being promoted across a much larger platform that's targetting your ideal client. 
    This something that needs to be done consistently and you must not let the first, second or third rejection put you off. See where you can improve from that rejection or seek a publication that is a better fit for you. Tim Ferriss had over 20 rejections for his book the 4hr Work Week but he persisted and even a decade later that book is still bought and read every day.
    I am not saying you have to write a book to help visibility (although that really does help) but creating and putting out content to platforms that are not just your own is an absolute must.

So I hope you found this post helpful and it's inspired you get yourself out there more and to be proud about showing off how your services/product can help people! Just as the last point (and because I know that I can help you with this) professional images are a key part of your visibility. Great personal branding imagery can take you to the next level in getting yourself seen and telling the story of you and your business. If this is something you are ready for then please get in touch and I can answer any questions you may have and help you create something really special for your marketing content. 

Speak Soon!


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