A wolf portrait session with Keenda

boudoir photographer london

Today is international women's day. 

And what better way to celebrate the brave, inspirational and beautiful women out there than sharing another Wolf Session. 

Keenda was amazing to photograph, she was as everyone is; nervous. But I think that's the beauty of these portrait sessions, they are about revealing a side of yourself that you have maybe never shown before, even to yourself. That makes this a vulnerable situation and an exploration. 

It's only in the spaces where we feel uncomfortable and exposed that we can find our courage.

It takes bravery to do a wolf session. It takes bravery to peel back the layers and expose your true self. A wolf session is a resurrection of the wild woman we all have inside of us. 

Women are capable of great things.

Once empowered we can and will make change, we can build and nurture empires for the better, we can face adversity with a heart full of courage and we can lend our strength to those who need it. We are all capable of incredible things but only if we can step into who we are and love ourselves for it. 

Only when we resurrect the wolf. 

The wolf represents the ability to stand with others or work alone when needed. The wolf represents a fierce loyalty. The wolf represents a desire for freedom. The wolf represents intelligence. The wolf represents the mother, the fighter and the leader. The common ground between women and wolves has been around for millennia. 

We have often had our wild ways, our knowing and our power belittled and crucified throughout history. No longer will that be the way. Today more women than ever are embracing their true selves and no longer accepting the inequality, the suppression or trying to fit into the boxes society has given them. More women than ever are starting to love and accept themselves so they can go after their dreams and make the world a better place for it. 

I am proud to know the women I know, I am proud to love them and support them and I am proud to photograph them. 

Hair & Make up by Maria.


ami robertson