Personal Branding Photoshoot with Danielle at the gorgeous Hampshire Wedding Venue Penton Park!

Personal brand photographer

So last Wednesday I had a message from the lovely Danielle wanting to know if I could do some branding images ASAP! 

Danielle's PR game is on fire at the moment and to take that to the next level some professional images were needed. Luckily the stars aligned and I had a free day on Thursday so I made the trip down to the beautiful Penton Park, Danielle's gorgeous Hampshire Wedding Venue.

This amazing house is a labour of love for Danielle & her husband's family. It was after her own wedding there that they decided to open for other couples wanting to get married at such an amazing location. It's also where Danielle, her family and her husband's family live and they have lovingly restored the house back to its former glory through months of hard work. The house has that perfect balance of elegance and character, it's one of the most welcoming wedding venues I have visited. 

We just did a quick branding session focusing on the staple images that Danielle would need in promoting her business. My big goal when working with a business owner is to engage with them. So apart from the odd hand adjustment the way I work is very much a conversation, a back and forth. Not only does this relax people as let's face it we run businesses we aren't models but it also allows me to capture authenticity. 

I had so much fun at Penton Park and with Danielle and I am super pleased with the images! 

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ami robertson