The Mini Branding Sessions Part One.

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So when I started The Woman & The Wolf I wanted to find a way to make brand images accessible to those who were just starting out or maybe just needed a top-up of their current images. So I came up with the mini-branding sessions. Held 4 times a year, each time in a different location in London. 

As you can probably tell I am a big believer in the belief that people invest in people and if you are a small business then that makes you the face and brand. The ultimate human desire is connection and if you can create that in your marketing then you are on the right track. One way of doing this is through authentic and professional images across your social media and website.

This is where I come in. 

The first round of mini sessions didn't fill up as well as I wanted but I didn't beat myself up as I only launched The Woman & The Wolf just before Christmas so as with anything these things take time to grow. And actually, this little business of mine is far surpassing the goals I set for it in other ways.

I did, however, get to work with two beautiful and inspirational women and that is what fills my heart with joy. 

First up I had Celestine who owns Angels & Gypsies a wedding and events hire decor company in South East London. Celestine is a beautiful and open woman who clearly puts 110% into everything she does. We had a great time having some tea and wondering the area around London Bridge. 

Second I had the lovely Laura who is the Nutritionist behind Tilt Nutrition she helps people bridge the gap between what goes on their plate and what happens in their body so they go on to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives and I instantly felt at ease with her which meant I could go on to create some honest and engaging images. 

So although they didn't pan out the way I wanted I wound up having a really beautiful afternoon and left for home inspired by the women I had spent time with. What more could you possibly ask for?


Again there will be 12 spots available across the two days and they will be held in the St Pauls area. If you would like to find out more and get your spot booked in just click on the button below.

ami robertson