Boudoir Photographer London: Mikyla

Boudoir Photographer London

When I first fell in love with photography the boudoir genre was something I always dreamed of doing. Not the cheesy glamour style images, not with the intention of gifts for other people but the type of boudoir that celebrates real women and gives them a beautiful view of themselves. A gift for women to give themselves. 

But it scared me. 

So much pressure. Did I have the skillset both technically and on a personal level to give women the space and confidence to really embrace the experience and come away with amazing photos that made them realise just how wonderful they are?

It's a big deal and its taken me 7yrs of being a photographer to make the leap into this exciting new adventure.   

And what a leap. 

I made a model call back in January for 5 real women to bravely be my guinea pigs as I find my way into this new passion. Lots of guides and advice says that you should use models the first time but how could I possibly show what I want to achieve by working with models? How could I find out if I have the skills to give someone that confidence with someone who does this for a living? I couldn't.

I had so many wonderful responses and I found my 5 women. All prepared to make themselves vulnerable and show a side of themselves that they may not have shown before. 

First up was Mikyla! 

I have no words for how incredible this woman is, she has a young family and her own business to boot. Passionate, full of fire and beautiful are a few ways to describe Mikyla.

I couldn't have started with a better person. She despite nerves (which are totally normal) showed up and put 100% into this shoot. That's all I needed, someone else to work with and to collaborate with in creating images we both love. 

Collaboration is key I have learnt. In order for me to achieve a great set of images, we had to connect. We had to laugh and have an exchange, almost like a dance. 

I also learnt that the experience is tiring for both parties. Both emotionally and physically. 

But it's worth it. Oh so worth it. I am in love with these photos and I was equally in love with how Mikyla responded. THAT is why I want to do this, to celebrate amazing women and empower them to see how gorgeous they are.


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