4 ways to help your business & brand be more visible.

How to get your business more visible

So I we all know that visibility is incredibly important if you want to grow your business and to create a life for yourself that you! To live that dream of having your own successful business.

Visibility is the opening act for your business and brand, it’s where people find out about you then they start to follow you and eventually become clients after you have nurtured that relationship.

Lots of people get stuck when it comes to visibility for a number of reasons. More often than not these reasons come from a place of discomfort in showing off our brilliant businesses.

It’s time to get over that though and start showing the world how your service or product can help. After all that’s why we are here right? To help people. And if you want your business to help more people it’s time to start showing up, especially if you want to have the best 2019 in your business.

So today I have for you 4 great ways to help your business & brand become more visible.

  • Social media: Oh my goodness social media is just the greatest gift for small businesses. It’s pretty much free, nearly everyone on the planet uses some form of it and it’s incredibly flexible so you can really show off you and your business.

    When it comes to social media I feel it’s best to select one or two that you know your client will be using and get really good at it.

    BE CONSISTENT this is without a doubt the most important thing and also one of the hardest to execute for people. Social media marketing is a long game don’t expect instant results and be authentic in how you show up. Give your audience value and make sure they know how you can help them.

  • Networking: This has been a game changer for me and my business as for many years I hid from others in my industries with a bad case of imposter syndrome and fear of being judged.

    Networking offers a number of great things for you and your business. Firstly and most importantly it helps you build friendships and support from others who are often facing the same struggles as you. This gives a massive confidence boost.
    Secondly it helps get your business out there because as you build those relationships more people will want to talk to you.

    Never go into networking with a ‘what can these people do for me’ attitude go into it with a ‘how can I help others’ frame of mind and then nurture those relationships. Also enjoy it! Socialising is fun even for the most socially awkward of us (I am included in that group of people) and I have yet to go to any form of networking and not create a new friendship.

    There are many ways to network, from specific and regular groups to workshops and conferences. You can also use social media for online networking by taking part in communities online such as Facebook groups or better yet create your own!

  • PR: This is probably one of the hardest ones for people to get their head around. I don’t know about you but I always thought PR was for big businesses not for little ones like mine! However it’s a great way to build your credibility as well as your visibility!

    Being published is huge. And that can be anything from being quoted in mainstream publications in support of a topic that is relevant to your business to having yourself showcased in an industry specific publication. Rubie Love my wedding photography business for example has been published in wedding specific publications 12 times this year, Hoofbeats and Pawprints was published last year in one of the biggest equestrian magazines after a blog post I put out about car drivers went viral. There are a ton of different ways to contribute and it sets you up as an expert in your industry helping to build the trust factor with potential clients.

    So go out and do some research. Make a list of things you can offer to your industry specific publications. Do you have knowledge on a hot topic atm? Make contact with journalists and offer them a quote or opinion that helps them validate something they are working on! Don’t worry about being told no either, I am told no all the time but if I am not putting myself out there then I will never get a yes either.

  • Content: I think we all know that I believe that content is king! Content via a blog or your social media platforms can be the biggest asset to your visibility especially when it’s valuable. There has been several times this year where content I have put out has gone semi viral and that has put my businesses in front of so many people.

    Blog posts, photos, videos all are key pieces of content that you should be regularly putting out. They don’t need to be a constant stream of sales posts but valuable or entertaining content specific to your audience goes a long way.

    Also share other peoples content if you found it helpful and think your audience will as well, it will be networking brownie points! Also don’t be put off if at first you feel like you are talking to an empty room, this is the starting point for EVERYONE no one is just handed an audience you have to grow it.

    The more valuable content you put out the more your audience will grow and you will be giving yourself credibility as well along the way. It’s always hard work at the beginning but the more you do it the better you will get. So make a list of things you can create that you think will help or entertain your audience and get it out there.

So I hope you found this post helpful and I also hope that you now have some tools to help increase your visibility and grow your influence!

Have a great Sunday!
Ami xx


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