What is a Personal Brand & why is it so important?

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So you have probably heard the term 'Personal Brand' and gone wtf is that? Then secondly if you are in business you have asked 'Do I need one?'

Truth is you already have one. You don't need to create one, each and everyone of us have our own brand. Its the colours that we love, the clothes we wear, how we work with clients, whether we have a dry sense of humour or not, the things that make us laugh, happy, sad..... Its all that we are and more importantly its the why behind what we do.

As Entrepreneurs and business owners its very important that we show this off. People buy from people and I have no doubt you have heard that one bandied about. As much as the saying has been done to death its true. 

People now have multiple choices for EVERYTHING. Back in the day it was whoever was local and recommended by the neighbour. Now we have a huge platform called the internet where if you want to buy something or find a service you will find yourself with ENDLESS choices and most likely all different price ranges. 

So what is going to make someone choose you or your product? 

Your Brand. 

As a wedding photographer who has had a successful business for 7yrs now I can tell you that every single one of my clients booked me because they felt connected to me. They wanted to become a part of my world. 

But how do you do that? 

SHOW UP. It's really that simple, if you aren't blogging and using the social media platforms that are relevant to your ideal clients to show up and connect with them then you are missing out on the most powerful tool for your business.  Your clients want to feel part of your story.

Take Apple for example the most obvious choice here. They are probably the biggest brand on the planet. Yes their products are some of the best BUT and I can tell you now as an Apple owner there is something powerful when you walk into an Apple store to purchase, you feel like you are stepping into the world of creatives and every need is going to be met. I love sitting down at my iMac like I am right now and creating, their brand makes me feel good about what I am doing. Which is why I have spent a fortune with them!

So how can you show up? Your not a giant tech company with an endless budget so lets think a little smaller for now. 

For a start don't be afraid to get personal. Obvious point I know seeing as we are talking about Personal Branding. However some of you may not know what that actually entails.

It's NOT bombarding your platforms with every second of your daily life, or having a moan. It's also not an excuse to be fake, you need to be authentic. People are not stupid they do see through bullshit. So when creating content it needs to be of value. Connection and value are the number one rules here along with authenticity. 

A good example here is my wedding clients more often than not they are dog lovers. I have so many amazing dogs at weddings and I love it. I also love dogs and have my own gorgeous Esther. So Esther makes a regular appearance on my platforms. Whether thats an adventure we are on or she is just being stupidly cute and I know that will make my audience smile just as much I do. 

Connection, Value and Authenticity.  

So get out there and document and share the things that your clients and audience will love and find valuable! AND don't be afraid of people who may not like you either. This is a good thing as it means you are making room and connecting with the people who do love you and what you offer. Don't be generic, be you. 

Also have a think about having professional photos done. Its something that will set you apart from the rest and give more value to your clients. There are plenty of amazing personal brand photographers out there with styles to suit (myself included) and they will know how to work with you to show up as your best self and create a stock of images that will engage your audience and allow them to really get to know you. 

Also one last tip.... Invest in a decent camera and learn how to use it. This will really give your content a boost as you can keep it with you and whenever you find something that you know your audience will love then you can share it easily and beautifully. Most modern cameras now have their own wifi as well making it super easy to get images to your phone quickly edited on say the VSCO app and then on to Instagram/Facebook.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Ami xx


My name is Ami and I am primarily a photographer based in London who specialises in personal brand and commercial imagery for women in business.
I offer a range of service from full branding to mini headshot sessions that I hold 4 times a year. I really believe that the best way to connect with your clients is on an emotional and personal level that be done through beautiful imagery.
I will also be offering empowering boudoir for women who want to be brave and show a side of themselves they have never let out before later in 2018. 
I am also a wedding photographer at Rubie Love Photography so emotion and authenticity is something I am not only an expert in but I also thrive on.
If you want to know more about how I can help you just click on the button.

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