Impostor Syndrome

impostor syndrome


We have all been there. Especially in the creative industries. That time where you think you just don't belong, that you are fake and somehow you are conning your clients and the world by putting yourself or your content out there. 

Impostor Syndrome can raise its ugly head at any time. Whether its going for a job interview, a client consultation, networking, posting on social media. That little voice 'who are you to this? you don't belong here' Shit isn't it? 

I have had it on numerous occasions. In fact when I started out as a wedding photographer I totally isolated myself from my industry out of fear of being chased away with pitchforks while my peers chanted 'FRAUD'  over and over. I tortured myself. I actually don't even know why I continued but overcoming that was one of the best things I ever did and now I have a lovely network people around me and we celebrate each other. 

The thing is EVERYONE and I mean everyone has to start somewhere. Until you take action and choose to learn you will never improve. And its learning and improvement that will shut that voice down. The more you do and show up the more confident you will become to be able to say 'NO I do belong here, I do deserve a seat at the table' 

That feeling of not being good enough effects so many and the real shame is that there is probably thousands of people out there if not millions who have something innovative and creative to offer the world but are totally frozen by Impostor Syndrome. 

Its also debilitating for those who have already made that brave move into going after something they want and are actually good at. Anxiety over being 'found out' can have a crippling effect if left unchecked and fed with comparison.

Comparison is probably one of the biggest causes. You look at your peers websites, photos, copy, illustrations etc and compare your work. You tear yourself apart because you will never be as talented as them and what you are doing is total rubbish. One of the major side effects of this is when you then go out and try to replicate others and then you beat yourself up again because its still not good. 

Replication will never solve it only make it worse. Inspiration absolutely yes! Which is why I totally recommend following and interacting with people who really do inspire you from all walks of life. 

The trouble is the only thing that really allows you to step out of feeling like a fraud and into who you are is to work from a place of authentic truth thats yours and yours alone. Thats where you find the good stuff. Directly copying others because you think that will bring you the success will only make you miserable and make you feel like even more of a fraud. 

Create the things that you love and enjoy making and doing the things that you believe will be of value. Yep it won't be perfect to start these things never are but as you practise and problem solve your way through it the end result will be worth it. 

Ask yourself these things and maybe journal around them as well.... What do I love? What do I care about? Who do I want to help? Do your best not to answer them by thinking about what XXXX would say or do, dig really deep and work out that 'why' from there you will have a starting point towards doing something thats unique to you. 


My name is Ami and I am primarily a photographer based in London who specialises in personal brand and commercial imagery for women in business.
I offer a range of service from full branding to mini headshot sessions that I hold 4 times a year. I really believe that the best way to connect with your clients is on an emotional and personal level that be done through beautiful imagery.
I will also be offering empowering boudoir for women who want to be brave and show a side of themselves they have never let out before later in 2018. 
I am also a wedding photographer at Rubie Love Photography so emotion and authenticity is something I am not only an expert in but I also thrive on.
If you want to know more about how I can help you just click on the button.

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