Personal Brand Photographer in London with Jo Bryant.

Personal brand photographer in london

I loved spending time with Jo a few weeks ago.

We literally had the most lovely morning. Jo needed some new and up to date imagery for promoting herself on her website and social media. Her last headshot was 2008 so it was definitely time.

Jo I think has the most wonderful job. She is an etiquette coach and an expert in British manners. 
Oh and she is wonderful to spend time with. 

We started off in the Ivy Kensington Brasserie for tea, as tea is very British and the Ivy is very beautiful. We had the initial awkward 5mins, something everyone suffers with. It really didn't take long for Jo to be her wonderful authentic self as we chatted and photographed. 

I had walked up before the shoot from South Kensington station to find a nice spot for outdoor portraits and I had stumbled across the PERFECT south west London mews. I love these little streets in this area where the old stable blocks would of been. They are always so pretty!

Jo continued to be just as easy to photograph and work with outside as she was at the Ivy and we had some great fun and some odd looks from the residents as I do like movement from the people I photograph. Movement allows for authentic moments rather than fixed posing which most people are not good at anyway because it's not a natural thing to be doing. 

Anyway enjoy the photos and if you want to find out more about Jo (which you really should) then use the following links......





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I offer a range of service from full branding to mini headshot sessions that I hold 4 times a year. I really believe that the best way to connect with your clients is on an emotional and personal level that be done through beautiful imagery.
I will also be offering empowering boudoir for women who want to be brave and show a side of themselves they have never let out before later in 2018. 
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